Payment Options


  • Yes-chirohealth, cash/check/cash, auto insurance, medicare.
  • ChiroHealth USA  is a discount network program that provides discounts on many of your chiropractic expenses.  The program may be used by you and members of your immediate family.  While this program is not insurance, it may be used to cover expenses not covered by a major medical health insurance policy.  Ask for more information about how to signup and what services are discounted through membership.  Membership is $49 and covers you and your family.  Ask for information.

Auto Injury

  • Auto-related injuries are covered at 100%. Even if you were at fault or were a passenger. You can get the care you need and it costs you nothing. Great for you!
  • All we need is your claim number, insurance, and attorney info.


  • Regardless of your condition, Medicare pays for up to a maximum of 12 weeks of care. They have very strict rules and limitations.
  • After this you will receive a significant Medicare discount. We simply need a copy of your Medicare card.